Scoro Implementation & Training

We provide expert implementation and training of Scoro Business Management Software for small to mid-sized companies.


We know how powerful a New System can be for your businesses. The user interface is very user-friendly, and data is represented intelligently. We’ve worked with numerous CRM’s and Project Management tools, yet this one has brought our clients the greatest success in being able to run business effectively!


Scoro has a lot to offer. If you hire us to help implement, deploy, and onboard your teams onto Scoro, you will also gain our expertise in training and deploying Scoro’s built-in ERP functionalities. With expert guidance, businesses can have one solution for sales, order, and project management, customized to their needs, for the cost of one.

Project and Client Management

  1. Project Management: Scoro enables you to manage your projects from initiation to completion, ensuring seamless delivery from quote to cash. This feature helps align all project activities with client needs and financial objectives, enhancing project success and client satisfaction.
  2. Quoting & Budgeting: Create detailed proposals and accurately estimate project costs with Scoro’s quoting and budgeting tools. This feature allows for precise financial planning, helping you set realistic expectations and avoid budget overruns.
  3. Sales & CRM: Manage your customer relationships and sales pipeline efficiently with Scoro’s integrated sales and CRM tools. Track interactions, manage accounts, and forecast sales to enhance customer engagement and drive revenue growth.
  4. Retainers: Easily manage ongoing, recurring client engagements with Scoro’s retainers feature. This tool helps ensure continuous service delivery and stable revenue streams by tracking and managing scheduled client work.

Resource and Financial Management

  1. Resource Planning: Plan and forecast your team’s workload with Scoro’s resource planning tools for optimal utilization and efficiency. This feature helps prevent overloading or underutilizing team members, ensuring that resources are allocated appropriately across projects.
  2. Time Tracking: Keep detailed records of billable and non-billable hours with Scoro’s time tracking feature. This allows for accurate billing and helps you analyze team productivity and project profitability.
  3. Cost Management: Maintain control over your project and operational expenses with Scoro’s cost management tools. Track all costs to ensure they stay within budget, helping you manage financial risk and maintain profitability.
  4. Reporting & Dashboard: Gain valuable insights into your business performance with Scoro’s reporting and dashboard features. Monitor progress, measure results, and forecast future trends to make informed decisions and adjust strategies effectively.
  5. Invoicing: Automate your billing processes and expedite payment collection with Scoro’s invoicing capabilities. This feature streamlines financial transactions, reduces administrative overhead, and improves cash flow management.

Never miss another sales lead ever again; achieve faster growth.

And, uncover new opportunities with the intelligently designed user-friendly interface that keeps you informed on all sales activities.

Gain control and focus on what’s important.

Identify your high-impact tasks immediately and stop using your valuable time compiling reports. Scoro brings it all together for you, customized to your exact needs and specifications and accessible securely from anywhere.

Get 2 for 1 and manage it all from one dashboard.

Support all your teams with the right data. Scoro is a CRM with ERP capabilities. Visualize your entire organization and manage progress with clear and actionable data presented beautifully.

Scoro Project Management tools

Scoro has an amazing set of tools for Project Mansgement. You project has a backlog, a Gantt Chart, Calendar, subcontractors, budget, phases and milestones.. Everything you would’ve imagine. Learn more about Best Practices for Project management using Scoro.

Do you need Sales management or Work management tools?

Both Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are used to increase sales and improve business efficiency. With the help of CRM systems, you can collect and manage customer data, make sales plans, maintain contact with your clients and create invoices. 

While CRM focuses on customer and customer relationships, the ERP system is used to improve the efficiency of business processes: solve existing and predict possible problems, and reduce overhead and cutting costs. (Read more about CRM/ERP difference)

No doubts, there are a lot of benefits in ERP and CRM systems as through the use of different approaches they both serve to increase profits.

Advantages of Scoro for Sales teams:

Scoro CRM allows you the unique opportunity to manage all your business processes from a single place:

  • Manage your sales. Call, propose, qoute and follow-up like never before.
  • Maximize your project profitability by planning your team actions, time and resources through integrated time management tools, such as team calendars, shared tasks, and timesheets.
  • Prepare project reports.
  • Schedule and track all the tasks with automated time tracking and planning
  • Send invoices to your clients
  • Scoro CRM can be integrated with most popular accounting software, cloud storage solutions, and 1,000+ other tools

Scoro CRM software has made all the business processes much easier: everything is just one click away. Increase the productivity of your company by tracking leads and keeping track of your business results.

Teamwork management in CRM software

Your team is ready for remote work

You can be virtually anywhere and keep your business and team on the track at the same time. Scoro is a complete platform to track your team progress and tasks, take care of financial management, resource planning, and project management.

Keep track of all your business aspects:

  • Finances
  • Billing
  • Team resources
  • Track your team tasks. 

With Scoro CRM you can organize your time so it would work as a unit, even if everyone is based in the different places. Plan and assign tasks – no leads or customers will be ignored, and no one from your team will be missed. 

How to identify and not miss sales opportunity?

Do not miss opportunities

The main advantage of a CRM system is that it assists your team in every step of the sales process: starting from acquiring a new lead, converting it into your customer, to further communication and management of customer relationships.

Your centre of command.

CRM software centralizes all your customer data in one place. In order not to miss any opportunity – everyone from your team can access all the information they may need from one platform.

No matter if you are a new or established company, CRM software will help you to make sure that your business is not missing any opportunity.

Grow your business. Bring clarity and structure to your work with Scoro CRM
How to grow business efficiently and consistently? Grow your business with CRM improving productivity.

How can your business grow faster with CRM?

CRM will allow you to grow your business and get closer to your customers. You will be able to plan every step of your actions – all of them will be tracked in your CRM, so everyone from your team, both sales, and support, could see and access this information if they need to.

Remember the Pareto principle? Focus on most the promising leads!

Your CRM system will allow you to easily identify and follow up on promising leads, to focus on closing deals, rather on paperwork, and better understand the needs and expectations of your customers. 

Complete overview of all company processes. Management tool offers 360 degree view or bird's eye view of your business.

360-degree view of your business

With CRM software you can obtain a clear, 360-degree customer view. This brings you a lot of benefits, such as:

  • The opportunity to offer more personalized customer service based on a customer’s history of purchases. 
  • Improve communication and interaction with every customer.
  • Make more effective and precise customer segmentation.
  • Develop targeted marketing campaigns.

CRM software is an easy-to-use system that will be a great help to customer relationship management. The 360-degree view on all your business processes and all your customers will help you to boost your sales and improve your customer’s experience.

Built-in Project Management tools

Scoro offers robust project management tools for smooth teamwork on projects – better collaboration, visibility and deadline control. With Scoro, you can easily manage every aspect of your projects from start to finish:

  • Project Planning: Define project scopes, assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress all in one place.
  • Resource Management: Allocate resources efficiently and avoid over-scheduling with visual planning tools and real-time availability updates.
  • Time Tracking and Billing: Ensure accurate invoicing with integrated time tracking that allows team members to log hours directly linked to project tasks.
  • Real-Time Dashboards: Gain insights into project performance through customizable dashboards that provide real-time data on key metrics like budget status, task completion rates, and workload distribution.
  • Collaborative Tools: Enhance team collaboration with shared calendars, task discussions, and document management capabilities, ensuring everyone is aligned and informed.

Implement Scoro’s project management suite to keep your projects on track and under budget, while maximizing team productivity and client satisfaction.

Enhance Efficiency and Precision

Unlock the full potential of Scoro with Scoro’s suite of advanced tools. Designed for deep management and oversight, these features ensure that you stay ahead of deadlines, within budget, and on top of every detail:

  • Gantt Chart Visualization: Visualize your project timeline with Scoro’s Gantt Chart tool. Plan your project phases, set dependencies, and adjust timelines with a simple drag-and-drop interface. This powerful visualization helps you foresee potential delays and optimize your schedule effectively.
  • Dynamic Planner Mode: Plan project future work and assign resources with Scoro’s Planner Mode. This feature allows for real-time adjustments and provides a comprehensive overview of your team’s workload, availability, and task assignments. With Planner Mode, you can balance workloads efficiently and ensure that no resource is under- or overutilized.
  • Project Budgets: Keep your projects financially sound with Scoro’s detailed budget management tools. Track expenses, forecast costs, and compare projected budgets against actual spending in real-time. With this tool, you can make informed financial decisions that keep your project costs under control.

Each of these tools is designed to integrate seamlessly into your daily workflow, giving you control and insight needed to manage complex projects with ease.

How to make most out of CRM? How does Itero help? We bring the expertise and support needed to ensure you are maximizing your CRM investment.

We can help you make the right purchase for your business.

We know the world of CRMs inside and out and can help you understand if Scoro is right for you. We are here to help you understand your choices.

We enable you to successfully deploy and adopt Scoro CRM.

Itero brings the knowledge and experience needed to fully implement and deploy Scoro, train your staff, and customize the solution to your exact needs.

We ensure you maximize your CRM investment

Our specialized training and customization are they key to unlocking all of Scoro’s capabilities. You will have full visualization of your business and be able to quickly identify issues as well as new opportunities.

Customizing Scoro CRM

We are experts in Scoro adaptation for specific business needs. We can create requred Scoro custom modules and Scoro custom fields to match the workflow you need.

Certified Scoro Partner

We’ll be happy to consult you in person or remotely via Teams! Please feel free to ask our expertise on is this the right software choice for your business.

  • We are Certified Scoro partner since 2013
  • We have helped small and mid-size companies from different countries and industries to onboard Scoro software and train team.
  • We are happy to offer you our extensive know-how and healthy advice: we are always ready to consult on Scoro CRM best practices, usage, setup, and training. 
  • We organize your team Scoro training both on-premises and remotely via Teams.