Choosing Scoro: Addressing Your Top 5 Concerns for Successful Deployment of a CRM / ERP system

A powerful sales and project management tool like CRM or ERP can unlock immense benefits for your team and business, but choosing and deploying it can raise concerns. From “Are we coosing the right tool?” to “Will my people use it and will we utilize the investment?“, there are many questions.

Here are the top 5 concerns of business managers as they choose a CRM or ERP solution and here’s how Itero solves them, if your choice is Scoro.

1. Cost and ROI

Implementing a new software solution can be a significant investment. Businesses worry about the upfront costs of licencing, implementation and maintenance.

Additionally, managers are concerned about the return of investment (ROI) and whether the solution will significantly improve their processes and generate sufficient returns to justify the cost.

We actually care about if Scoro is a fit for our clients financially. We do our best to communicate all costs upfront – your total implementation and onboarding costs, as well as monthly or yearly fees renting the software as a service.

Return on investment is tougher, since we do not know your numbers and clients usually have faint idea on how much time or sales is lost. These numbers are the reason why business seeks a solution like Scoro, to have these lost and gained side by side.

2. Data migration & Security

Businesses are apprehensive about the security of their customer information and company data during the migration process and while using the new solution.
They worry about unauthorised access and adherence to relevant data security regulations.

Before your team even starts using Scoro, we help setting up roles, their permission levels for data access policies. Based on your business needs, each role and users assigned to it, will have a certain set of rules. Also, your client data and projects can be accessed only for certain account managers.
As a certified partner, we have clear and strict policies on how your data can be processed during migration process.

3. Change Management and User Adoption

Business managers are concerned about how their employees will adapt to the new system. They worry about resistance to change, the time and resources required for training, and the potential disruption to daily operations during the transition period.

It will depend on the culture of your organization and on training we will provide. It will depend on availability of data and if new system eases work or is seen as extra burden.
The more we plan and build a solid foundation, the less resistance there will be. Years of feedback from users, clear interface, speedy data availability and human support, have made Scoro a great product. It is both our experience with various businesses on one hand and you in charge in the other, that will make this great new project happen and people use the system.

4. System integration and compatibility

Businesses often use various existing software applications for different functions. They worry about integrating the new CRM or ERP solution with their existing systems to ensure data flow, avoid functionality conflicts or double data entry.

Itero helps to assess integration possibilities, using API methods and data compatibility. On the other hand, multitude of tools with no overview is one of the reasons, why businesses seek all-in-one solutions. While Scoro does not pretend to be one for all, process and systems optimization is inevitable and the lesser you will have, the better.

5. Vendor Lock-in and scaleability

Businesses are wary of getting locked into a specific vendor and platform that may not adapt to their future needs. They worry about customization options and the ability of the solution to scale alongside their business growth.

We love that Scoro rolls out updates monthly. These include new features and tiny imrovements, that all sum up nicely. As a Scoro partner, we have witnessed many years of system maturing, providing new functionality and maturing such in an endless cycle.
Scoro has many partners and ability to connect Scoro to other systems, therefore it’s hard to feel locked-in. As you will grow, you will need new features available in more advanced package.

Additional reasons for procrastination:

  • Lack of internal expertise: Businesses may lack the in-house expertise to properly evaluate, select, and implement a new CRM or ERP solution (Read more about CRM/ERP differences), leading to hesitation and delays. We will help in your journey, but you will need to assign someone to onboarding project from your side.
  • Fear of making the wrong decision: The complexity of choosing the right solution from numerous options can lead to delaying a decision. It does happen, but ask yourself, if you are trying to make this decision totally on your own, without sourcing an advice assessing these solutions to your needs. You cannot decide on what you do not know.
  • Uncertainty about their specific needs: Businesses may not have a clear understanding of their specific needs and challenges, making it difficult to identify the best solution to address them effectively. What do you want to solve, by utilizing a new system? Why now? These are great questions to start with.
  • Know the solution you are seeking: Read more about what Scoro is and does.

Would you like us to assess if Scoro is for you?

As a certified Scoro partner, we will be happy to help you out with a proper assessment on if a Scoro is a good fit for your business? In many cases, a single Teams or Zoom call discussing the processes, your business seeks to manage in a system, goals to achieve, cost expectations, resources and data to migrate .. will lead to an assessment.. what is there and what is not. It will save you a lot of time.

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