Intensive two day training

Protect Your Investment, get most out of Scoro!
3 hour (1,5h x 2) team training for 2 days
complete with Teams catchup meeting after a week

Pick your focus:

Sales with Scoro
Sales with Scoro
Best practices and proper Scoro use for up-to date pipeline
Project Management
Project Management
Manage project team, task backlog, planning, Gantt chart, budgets and deadlines
Sale & Purchase orders
Sale & Purchase orders
Product inventory and Order management with Scoro
Client support
Client support
Customer support, purchase and problem history management with Scoro

We provide both – Remote Teams training sessions or On-Site training at your office or booked conference room

Why train at your place?

  • Best possible absorption of training material
  • Interactive. Questions addressed immediately, role games
  • Coach, presentation and trainees own computer screen available simultenously

Why train remotely

  • Remote team. If your team is scattered in various locations, there’s really no way around
  • Since it is more difficult to align time for all persons involved, shorter sessions are needed
  • Two screens would be the best option. Possible to compensate with more sessions and smaller steps.

Hybrid training

  • Both – onSite and remote training sessions included.
  • Long term overview of performance and catching up of teammates left behind
  • Team support
  • Management support in longer run to ensure process clockwork in Scoro
  • Scoro Setup assistance. While training, we may find out your Scoro may be missing some settings or whole modules are not set. We will support your Scoro setup.

Best practices for operational efficiency

Scoro thrives on teamwork. Misaligned processes and inconsistent data entry hinder workflow and undermine data in reports. Our training fosters team cohesion through shared best practices and standartized data entry, ensuring seamless collaboration and maximazed Scoro utilization.

Success for all team members

We recognize individual differences in learning styles and absorption rates. Our training accommodates this variety through focused breakout sessions, personalized approach and available support. We guide participants through, ensuring no one falls behind. Empowered team propels Scoro utilization.


  • A user within your Scoro system is highly recommended. Best training occurs with your data, your processes and your team members
  • Pre-event remote meeting to go over what’s important and agree on schedule

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