Google advertising. PPC Keyword campaigns and Display Ads

Google Pay Per Click campaigns
Keywords driven promoted search results

In order to attract visitors quickly, like for a seasonal sale or conference attendance, Google AdWords or paid traffic is a simple and effective solution.

Itero will create professional targeted campaigns with high score multiple ads and A/B banner testing in order to sharpen your campaign with time.

We offer campaign setup, monitoring and improvements to make the most of your investment.

Google Adwords campaign

If you have tried this yourself, you may find that money on Google can be spent quickly and visitors are not good quality leads.

We will make the most of your budget and deliver targeted customers by building a proper AdWords campaign with multiple high quality scored, A/B tested ads in rotation for an optimum experience.

We monitor daily

In order to have your campaign sharp as a chef’s knife, our customers can choose from daily or weekly monitoring and improvements. We replace lower performing ads, improve bidding policies and fine-tune keywords.

This service makes sure, you get absolutely most from your budget!

Where do you start with your PPC campaign?

What are your target Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)?
Here’s an example – you currently get 200 visitors per day and let’s say you have a 3% conversion rate – 6 orders per day. If you set a goal to have 10 orders per day, we know we need to increase your visitors by at least 150 to 350 in total per day. We will prepare a campaign to meet this number.

What is your budget allowance?
If those 6 orders get you, like 50 or 100 Euro profit, how much can you afford to invest to get 4 more and still make money.

It’s always a math – investment and return calculations. We will help you with thoughtfully-made online marketing activities for the best results achievable.

Google Display Ads

Google Display is a vast network of sites where we can advertise our services with text, image or video ads. Some of the sites you know pretty well, like Gmail or YouTube while there are plenty of sites you’ve never heard of. What’s important – your customers visit all of them. They see your ads, they click, they come.

More importantly, Google Display reaches millions of Android users, where we can display ads in an abundance of apps and mobile versions of Google products and services.

We offer audience research, design and distribution of perfectly size matched campaigns across Display ads featuring sites and mobile phone apps.

Display banners. Do they work?

Most of what you’ll see on sites featuring ads are banners. We will make all required size versions within limits specified by Google. Do banners work? Yes, but conversion rates are much lower than keyword-based ads supplying the demand of visitors searching.

Yet, although Google Display yields lower quality leads with lower conversion rates, the costs are lower and reach is higher.

Hence, there are plenty of use cases where display is exactly what your business might need.

Order your Google Campaign with us!
Order your Google Campaign with us!
We will deliver results – more customers for your business. Your duty is to convert leads, ours – to get you more leads. We offer our vast know-how on Google AdWords Campaigns!