Focus Marketing

Focus on what makes your marketing sell.
Success in business is like a vector. Just as in mathematics, it’s a multiplication of four important factors:

Results-based approach that goes beyond vanity metrics
Ads and messages that trigger real action
Reliable and flexible approach to getting things done
Active attitude instead of waiting to be found


We dive deep into your business and have a detailed look at your product/service, marketing efforts, and performance.

Based on these insights, we then draw up an overview of all the points where we can produce a message for your customers that is immediately relevant and as difficult to ignore as possible.

This lets us identify potential new target groups as well, and adjust your marketing efforts to those people who are most likely to respond, identifying which markets, companies, but also which roles and persons to focus on.

More effective MESSAGE

Taking into account your bestsellers as well as your best customers, we draw up a predictive model of potentially lucrative new target groups.

At the same time, the insights gained this way make it possible to improve your marketing messages to your existing customer base as well, increasing repeat sales.

Results-focused STRATEGY

Once the assessment stage is complete, we help you choose a strategy and approach that gets your word out to your target groups in the most effective way.

This includes a cross-channel approach through a platform that will allow you to address different marketing segments, such as content, page copy, direct communications, but also PR-related efforts such as press releases and phone scripts. That way, you can ensure maximum effectiveness across all of your marketing fields.

The approaches we apply are all traceable and allow you to draw direct conclusions about how much you get out of your marketing investment in terms of increased sales revenue.

Your SYSTEM getting better

We use what we learn from the assessment, the channel selection, and the incoming data to compose new marketing messages as needed, from content updates and distribution right down to email campaigns and CRM message chains.

Once the messages go out, we record the incoming feedback to identify potential issues and to further optimize the way you compose and send out your marketing messages.

This then loops back to the beginning, where your targeting can then be adjusted anytime according to the latest information. To enable you to do that, we either provide an ongoing service on a monthly basis, or leave you with the blueprint for such a system that you can then continue to operate yourself.

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