Scoro custom modules

As Scoro certified partner, we offer custom module development for Scoro CRM.

What are Scoro CRM custom modules?

Scoro CRM comes with a set of useful modules, that vary depending on CRM version, you are using, like Sales or Project management dedicated versions (as of August 2022, it’s Essential, Standard and Pro). You are already familiar with some, you use every day, like Quotes, Orders, Purchase orders or Projects.

Each module contains it’s own data structure, with data fields to populate and is interconnected with the rest of Scoro entities. For example, Project has it’s name, number, budget, deadlines.. and related data subsets, like phases, milestones, task sets or files.

When you create a new project from Projects module, you are creating a dataset. With time, you will have more related data to this project to maintain control on tasks, budget and deadlines.

Depending on your business, you may need a custom module – one that is not included in your Scoro package, nor available for purchase. Something specific for your business, like car inventory, contract database or managed units with tenant data.

From interface perspective, a custom module will be a new menu item with a list of your required datasets and means to add new or display in full. Plus ability to connect these custom items with companies, calendar events or invoicing.

We will create you such custom functionality.

Examples of Scoro custom modules

At Itero, we understand, each business requires tailored set of tools to run business. For example, your business may be renting boats. Since base Scoro CRM does not have “Boats”, we can develop such. We will create a new data structures with required input fields, like year, registration, power, related crew, harbour etc. You will be able to manage your fleet in Scoro and assign these boats to clients and calendar.

There are more examples, just to mention some:

  • Contract database with related contracting party, date signed, scope, date to which the contract is in power and respective attached files;
  • Car inventory with a database of your cars for sale or rent. Custom features like registration year, plates, mileage, related insurance data etc may be entered;
  • Managed units for a property management business. These may include address, space, list of amenities, dates for cleaning or maintenance, related tenants and related data sets for gas, water and heat consumption values.

Each business does require something unique. We will be happy to offer our services, tailoring Scoro CRM to your needs and workflow.

Does you Scoro version support custom module development?

Your Scoro package typically does not include Custom modules. In most cases it needs to be enabled. We will assess required upgrades and budget along with your Scoro manager.


Custom module or functionality related may not include some of the features, you may require. We will consult your company on developed Scoro custom item conformity with your requirements and prior to investment, you will have a clear picture on what’s possible and what’s not.

We are certified Scoro Partner

We consult and deliver over your preferred communication platform – Teams, Zoom or Webex. If your company resides in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania, we’ll be happy to propose to consult you in person on your premises! At first, we’ll help you to assess requirements for advancing Scoro CRM to your needs.

  • We are Scoro partner since 2013
  • We have helped multiple small to mid-size businesses from different industries to onboard CRM software. We ensure your team knows how to use it.
  • We are happy to offer you our extensive know-how and healthy advice: we are always ready to consult on CRM best practices, usage, setup, and training. 
  • We organize your team training both on-premises or remotely via Zoom, Teams or Webex.

How to apply?

Please contact us for more information.

What you need to know:

  • We will require additional Scoro licence, a user with administrative rights for an average of one month.
  • You are free to provide NDA agreement. Our long term relation and partner contract with Scoro includes all necessary regulation in regards to GDPR conformity, data integrity and standarts.
  • New modules may affect your monthly charges, although you will be provided a full quote to avoid any hidden costs.
  • You will need to trust us with access. We will never use any of your data.
  • You will need to provide a contact person with powers and process knowledge.
  • We propose personnel training and remote best practices sessions in order to work with new modules. We work over Zoom, Teams and Webex.