Well designed Landing Page

Well-designed and high-converting landing page can be an essential tool for effectively converting visitors into customers. Frankly, it is the essence of the whole website and your business.

In mere seconds, a visitor must perfectly understand the proposition & benefits in order to easily convert on the same page.

You, as a business on the other side, must qualify this visitor – You only want motivated & qualified ready-to-buy customers.

It is extremely important to define the exact goals (and it’s better if it’s a single one) of the target audience specifically and make sure the user trusts this page and service.

Top rules for a perfect Landing Page – Do Research!

In order to create a perfectly functioning landing page, we look far beyond “nice” and “easy” in regards to UI, Content and means of conversion. It takes both experience and research. For most performing sites, we use A/B testing to constantly improve conversions, while also improving the quality of leads that we land on the page.

Every single aspect and piece of content is carefully written, designed, reviewed and selected, starting from killer headlines to perfect calls to action.

A great landing page must be simple

Every sentence there is needs to be reviewed from the buyers’ perspective. Simple is better than complex, less is better than more. No clutter, no way to get lost. Everything serves a purpose.

Lead Generation B2B Landings

Here’s a tip – In B2B, the sale is given to “The Least Risky” option. What makes you one? Does your page express trust and experience, do you create trust with knowledge and testimonials?

Here’s the fact – Half of our customers do not have a clear understanding of why their service was purchased or why it wasn’t. Our briefing process will help you focus on gaining this valuable knowledge!

Make sure you think of the following as you contact us for landing:
– who exactly is your service for?
– why your product?
– is your pricing model simple enough?

Don’t worry if you haven’t figured out all of that. We have our own briefing process to help you come up with answers. It’s proven to bring up ideas and shortlist goals further used for your perfect landing page.

Order your Landing Page with Us!
Order your Landing Page with Us!
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