Lead generation

The Service for the Fearless

Hundreds of companies search for business services daily, looking up for results in Google, landing on your site.. not converting. Why?

Tens of reasons – They did not see call for action, did not gather enough product intel to make decision. Sometimes they are just busy, sometimes your competition is quicker to act.

What can you do about it?

Here’s the fact – Of all the people visiting your website, only 2% do inquiries. Only 2% will engage, fill forms, ask questions, use chat. 2%! Just 2%.

Think about it – These companies seek your service, they Google it and they find you, they need that service today! Just 2%! What’s with the rest 98%? Who are they? How to contact them? If only you knew..

Who is it for?

You are in B2B business
You are in B2B business
Leads are businesses. In comformity with GDPR, no private persons
You have active Sales team
You have active Sales team
Otherwise you will just waste opportunities
You have a structured site
You have a structured site
Diversified product and service pages
You are ready to invest in traffic
You are ready to invest in traffic
We will be happy to assist you with acquiring more qualified traffic

Service runs in ways similar to Analytics. You have an embedded code on your webpages and a backend where you have your list of identified leads.

It is Live! You will have your insight on hot leads right as they are on your site! You are free to engage them right away!

We will help you set up triggers, so you can receive notifications on special events, business areas or even desired companies.
Assign or auto-assign Leads to appropriate sales managers handling Leads on backend or within your CRM.
All your typical visitor metrics plus intel on visitor companies.

Before you make any decision, just see for yourself who’s on your site with a Demo, Free 14 day Trial and a free review.

    Apply for a Demo with 14 day Trial
    We will contact you to arrange a demo. You or your IT personell has to have access to your website in order to save the code. Preferrably Contact person does speak English.
    After Trial, based on the amount of your website traffic, you will be presented with results insights and proposal, after which you're free to make a decision to continue or cancel. Very Simple!

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