Corporate presentation design services

How to make a good business presentation?

Sooner or later, any company is going to need an effective business presentation.

Corporate presentations are materials created to show the strengths of the organization or brand and to demonstrate the potential benefits of cooperation. Some people need a one-time marketing product, while for others making business presentations is a daily routine.
When creating a presentation, you must clearly understand its goals. You will need to create a separate, individual project for each specific goal or each specific event.

Effective Corporate Presentation

What makes Corporate presentation effective? What to focus on?

Is it Design or Content?

You can’t simply look at an empty slide and create an original presentation that everyone is going to like. Before developing effective marketing material, you need to conduct research and answer 2 main questions: Why? and to Whom?

Remember, an effective corporate presentation doesn’t sell anything to anyone. This is just a set of slides that show basic information and benefits for the customer, and based on this information, customers decide whether they should cooperate with you or not.

Real goals of corporate presentation:
Real goals of corporate presentation:
– Increase brand and company awareness;
– Get investment and sponsorship support;
– Inform potential partners about your company;
– Give interested customers the best offer;
– To participate in the tender;
– Talk to your audience.

Who is your target audience?

When creating a presentation, you should select your target audience, namely those people who will read or watch your corporate presentation. You can segment them by type of activity, social group, age, and geography. You should also ensure to determine the temperature of your audience. Is it warm or cold?

Tips for Cold audience

These people don’t know about your existence, and they probably don’t need your products or services. In this situation you need to introduce the audience to your company, tell them about your offer, provide evidence, research, and emphasize the quality of your products.

Tips for Warm Audience

“Warm” clients include those who have previously interacted with your company and are familiar with your offer. In this case, people just need to be pushed to buy, so it’s best to provide more details and tell them more about the advantages of the product, demonstrate promotions and favorable offers.

Corporate Presentation structure

We recommend you to follow the following structure:

  1. Description of the offer – what it consists of, how it works, etc;
  2. Why the client needs your product or service – what problems can be solved with the help of it;
  3. Benefits for the client – what exactly will they are going to get;
  4. The difference of your company – describe the benefits of the company;
  5. To whom your offer is suitable – who might be interested in your offer;
  6. Unique features – unique features that only you have;
  7. Your achievements in numbers – often numbers are much effective than words;
  8. Results – this includes reviews and your portfolio.

This structure is used to write most Landing Pages, where first interest in the product is formed, the needs and “problems” of the audience are described, and then the product is offered as an effective solution. This is followed by a description of the benefits and advantages for the client, a story about the company’s achievements, and a call to action.

You should also use:

  • Slogans to enhance phrases and meanings;
  • Numbers, because you can’t go far without them;
  • The arguments in the descriptive part;
  • Lists – can be viewed in the form of a list of tabs;
  • Headers to mark pages.

Ordering a Business presentation from an agency sometimes is much easier and faster than doing all the work by yourself. It can be very difficult for a person who has never encountered copywriting and graphic design to understand the basics of developing and layout a professional business presentation.

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