What is SEO? How SEO works?

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

SEO optimization is a set of technical & content tactics and strategies, applied to your web site, that generates a long-term return on investment – increased visitor traffic to your web site. Basically more people who Google for your products and services, will find your page in search results and come to your site.

Why Google search?

Why Google SEO? Despite availability of multiple web search engines worldwide, Google is a traffic leader. Simply put, most people use Google for quick and easy search. That’s where your page has to be!

Google has made huge investments in it’s search engine algorithms and informs web site administrators and marketing specialists on SEO impact factors – strategies and methods to consider in order for your page to be better seen on search results – preferably first search results page.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a complex of both technical and content improvements to your page – it’s the optimization or improvement of your site in order to get better listed on Google.

What is Google indexing?

Google is not a human, thus it can’t see your page visually, like we humans do. Instead, a Google robot indexes all content – text and images it can find on your site in order to create a histogramic representation of your content. Based on many factors, like – how updated the site is, quality of code, content, backlinks and user engagement, Google will assign a number – a quality rank to that particular page.

This histogramic representation contains the essence of your content; in Google’s mind – the most important of what you have to say in that page. Thus, your page rank and histogramic representation together with search term determines, if it’s a relevant match – a value for Google search user to show on top of search results or somewhere later.

What Is Google PageRank?

It’s a number, Google assigns to each indexed page of your site. The front page usually has highest, as more backlinks from other sites point directly to front page. Hance, it’s important to provide plentiful information on your services straight at the front page.

Page Rank is a number from 0 – 10 with many digits after comma, which for user convenience is usually simply 1,2,3..5 or more. 0 means, that page is not indexed or it’s value is very low. Your target as a business with thousands of visitors a day is number 6, but on average, local business pages have 3. One of SEO optimization goals is to increase this number for your pages.

PageRank is being calculated with a complex formula, taking into consideration – how old is your site, how often is it updated, does it have code bugs or incompletions, does the page has mobile version or a responsive design etc.. nevertheless, one of the most important ingredients is – how many sites(pages) with similar content have links to your site (page).

SEO strategy

Developing SEO Strategy takes on-site(on page) and off-site (off page) SEO optimization – work on your site (technical coding and content) and work off site, like content outside your page with links to your page. On-site SEO jobs may require technical improvements to your website code, improvements on server software, editing of your content – titles, descriptions and the readable text itself.

As for off-site SEO, you need more sites to link to your website. One important message here – choose sites that link to your page to have a relevant content. In addition, Social Media is a great source to engage people with relevant content and build solid traffic.

First seo steps. Where to start with SEO?

In order to improve a site, you need to have a roadmap – what is to be modified, removed or added. You need a competent SEO review of your site!

Itero will provide you with a quality SEO analysis review. Based on that, you will be able to make decisions on what you can do yourself and where you will require to contract us or wour website administrator.

Need SEO services for your site?
Need SEO services for your site?
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How SEO works?

Google robot visits and indexes the content of your site – front page and subpages, saving it to Google indexed database. Depending on your page PageRank and relevance of your content to what Google user is searching for, Google will output search result – a list of pages, sorted by PageRank and relevance.

Your page with an information, the user seeks for will be on Position X – it can be first and it can be, let’s say, 32nd. Naturally, the Google users will pay more attention to pages on top of the list.

Proper SEO optimization ensures, your page moves up in search results.