Scoro Training Programs

We believe in empowering teams and individuals with comprehensive training to unlock the full potential of Scoro, the all-in-one sales and project management suite.

Many companies worldwide try to embrace Scoro themselves, as their teammates struggle with features at different speeds, unaware of Scoro Training Programs Itero delivers.

Why Choose Itero for Your Scoro Training?

Our Scoro training programs are designed to cater to varying skill levels, ensuring that whether you’re new to Scoro or looking to refine your expertise, there’s a program for you.

  • Tailored Learning Paths
    Dive into personalized learning experiences that address your specific use cases and business processes.
  • Certified Scoro Experts
    Learn from certified Scoro professionals who bring real-world experience to the classroom.
  • Hands-On Sessions
    Engage in practical, hands-on training that goes beyond theory, putting Scoro’s features into action.

Scoro Essentials

Get up and running with the basics of Scoro. Ideal for newcomers, this course covers navigation, work with client data, task management and time tracking.

Scoro Advanced User Techniques

Take your Scoro knowledge further. This program delves into advanced features, dashboards, reporting and automation triggers for productive workflow.

Scoro for Managers

Designed for team leaders, this course teaches you how to utilize Scoro for resource utilization, performance tracking, and strategic decision-making.

Scoro for Sales

Seamlessly integrate Scoro with your sales process. Your Sales team will love simplicity to create follow ups, issue quotes, schedule meetings and log calls.

Project Management with Scoro

Scoro shines at project management and so will your project managers. In-depth training program covering project components, Gantt chart, budget control, planning and overview..

What You Can Expect from our Scoro Training

In short – More Value from your Scoro investment in a Much Shorter Time!

  • Actionable Insights
    Each module is packed with actionable insights that you can implement immediately, driving productivity and efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Support
    Benefit from post-training support including Q&A sessions, tips and accumulated knowledge we have, by training many businesses, just like yours, since 2013.
  • Flexible Scheduling
    Choose from various scheduling options, including remote, on-site, or hybrid sessions to fit your calendar.

Get Started Today!

Take the first step towards Scoro mastery with Itero. Contact us to enroll in our next training session or schedule a demo to see our training programs in action.

Elevate your team
Elevate your team
Elevate your business with Itero’s Scoro Training Programs. OnSite? Remote via Teams? Hybrid? You can start as low as few hours for two days to get your team aligned.