Scoro: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We understand, that choosing most valuable system for your business can be tough, therefore here’s a list of questions and answers you might have about Scoro:

General questions about Scoro

What is Scoro?

Scoro is a cloud-based project management software solution designed for professional and creative services businesses. It combines project management, time tracking, team collaboration, client communication, and business intelligence tools into a single platform.

What are the benefits of using Scoro?

Scoro can help businesses improve project management efficiency, streamline workflows, boost team collaboration, enhance project visibility, and gain valuable insights with Scoro reports.

Who is Scoro for?

Scoro caters to a wide range of professional service businesses, including agencies, marketing teams, IT firms, consultancies, architects, and engineering companies.

Is Scoro a Sales or Project Management tool?

Scoro is end-to-end platform, where all leads are captured, individual proposals made, leads converted into clients, projects and orders managed and tracked. While Scoro competes with vast universe of CRM’s for Sales, the project management tools Scoro have, are top-notch on the market. On top of everything, Scoro can have detailed finances and budgeting, both on a project and business level.

How much does Scoro cost?

Scoro offers various pricing plans based on features your business might need. The total monthly price will also depend on the amount of users your have. Yearly plans offer discounts. You can explore a free trial to test the platform before committing.

Is Scoro easy to use?

Scoro boasts a user-friendly interface with intuitive features. However, the complexity of advanced functionalities may require some learning investment. We offer Scoro training programs to help your team get up and running quickly.

Can I integrate Scoro with other software?

Yes, Scoro offers built-in integrations with various popular business tools like accounting software, marketing automation platforms etc. For anything not built-in, you may use API for data exchange or Zapier.

Getting Started

How to sign up for Scoro?

You can sign up for a free trial directly on the Scoro website. Any time within Trial period, you may add your company and billing data and start using Scoro.

Does Scoro offer a free plan?

While there isn’t a permanent free plan, Scoro offers a free trial period to explore the platform’s features.

Can I use Scoro for small family business?

Yes, we firmly believe, that every business, no matter how small can benefit from use of CRM and project management tools. However, the minimum number of users for any Scoro account is 5. That means, that even if you have three team members in your business, you still have to pay for five.

Does Scoro offer training resources?

Yes, Scoro provides a Help Center with articles and video tutorials. The help center can be quick reference for all Scoro modules and features, you might to know more about. All Scoro help articles are generously illustrated with respective screenshot images.

What kind of Scoro training is available? offers various Scoro training programs, including user training, role-specific training (project managers, sales teams, etc.), and customizable training tailored to your company’s needs.

How long does it take to learn Scoro?

The learning curve depends on your team’s experience and the features you use. Basic functionalities are easy to grasp, while advanced features may require more practice. Itero’s training programs can significantly reduce the learning time.

Implementation and Best Practices

How can I ensure a smooth Scoro implementation for my team?

Define your needs, get leadership buy-in, assign Scoro champions within your team, leverage training resources, and start simple with core functionalities before introducing advanced features.

What are some best practices for using Scoro?

Regularly review and update project plans, utilize templates and automation for repetitive tasks, encourage team communication through Scoro’s collaboration tools, and leverage reporting features to track progress and identify areas for improvement.

Does Scoro Project Management module comes with Gantt Chart?

Yes, Scoro has Gantt Chart functionality. It can be toggled off for smaller projects, where tasklist and single deadline without milestones is sufficient. Read more about Scoro’s Gantt Charts.

Is Scoro’s Gantt Chart tool essential for effective project planning?

The Gantt Chart tool in Scoro is essential for effective project planning because it provides a visual timeline of the entire project, including task durations, dependencies, and key milestones. You do not have to use it for all projects, especially short ones with simple timeline. Gantt Chart visualization allows project managers to see the big picture and make informed decisions. Scoro interface simplifies the process of updating tasks as projects evolve, making it easier to set-up or update complex projects with multiple moving parts.

How does Scoro enhance collaboration across different teams?

Scoro brings all teams together in one system, helping break down barriers between departments like sales, delivery, and accounting. With this system, everyone can easily access the information they need about Projects or Orders anytime. This setup improves visibility across the organization. Also, Scoro can save time by reducing the need for manual updates and long meetings, allowing teams to spend more time on their core tasks.

Security and Data

Is Scoro secure?

Scoro employs robust security measures to protect user data, including encryption, access controls, and regular backups. You have options for user authentication.

Who can access my data in Scoro?

You have wide control over user permissions within Scoro, determining who can access, add, view, edit or delete specific information.


Along with your team you can streamline your project management, financial oversight, and resource allocation with a unified system designed specifically for consultancies, agencies, and professional service businesses. Scoro is generously packed platform for enhanced visibility across all operations. Scoro increases profitability through efficient resource management, and standardizes processes to ensure consistent performance. Remember – standartization is one of the keys to protfit. Empower your business with tools built to optimize every aspect of professional services management.

At Itero, we understand the complexities of choosing the right project management platform. Every client who adopts Scoro has walked this path, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Scoro offers a vast array of functionalities, from streamlining sales processes to managing budgets and creating insightful dashboards. We hope this FAQ section has shed light on some of the key questions you might have.

But that’s not all! If you have any specific questions, feel free to reach out to us through our website chat. Or, perhaps you’d prefer a live Teams session to delve deeper and get a hands-on feel for the platform. We’d be happy to host a personalized demo to answer all your questions and showcase how Scoro can empower your team to achieve new levels of success.

Let us show you, how your business can benefit by using Scoro
Let us show you, how your business can benefit by using Scoro
As certified Scoro partner, let Itero be your partner in your pursuit for new business and new team-work standards, managing it all on the exciting platform of Scoro!