Scoro dashboard

Utilize Scoro dashboard for powerful insights.

Your business landscape deserves a clear view. Scoro’s customizable dashboards empower you to transform scattered data into actionable insights, keeping your team informed, keeping production and sales on track.

Why use Scoro Dashboard?

Themed Data

Craft personalized dashboards tailored to specific user roles or business domain needs. Focus on metrics relevant to project managers, marketing or executives, ensuring everyone has the information they need at a glance. Set up a dashboard to monitor productivity or track month or quarter finances.

Quick overview

Get instant insights into department health, team performance or watch for emerging production bottlenecks. No more sifting through reports – Scoro dashboards bring key performance indicatiors (KPIs) front and clear.

Shortcut to Data

Eliminate time spent searching for related data. Dashboard acts as a hub, allowing you to dive in specific and relevant data with a single click, fostering informed decision-making. Each widget metric is clickable, revealing the very data, that contributed to that metric.

One Dashboard or many?

The beauty of Scoro dashboards lies in their flexibility. Create individual dashboard for each business domain, team or a comprehensive company-wide view, depending on your needs. Name each dashboard and switch easily between them.

How to use Scoro dashboard Widgets?

Scoro dashboards are built using customizable widgets, acting as visual blocks. Widgets come in three sizes and can have various functionalities, allowing you to tailor your dashboard layout.

Widget sizes

Choose from small, medium (large 1/3 or 2/3) and large full-width widgets to create a visually balanced and informative dashboard.

Please note, that smaller widgets will always group at the top, consuming top rows. Larger blocks will come next.

You can manually drag with a mouse to change the width of larger list blocks, in case you need to review information with many columns in order to fit the screen.

Widget types

Display crucial numerical data points like total amounts, number of, billable hours, overtime.

Gain insights into key performance ratios, such as cost-to-income or resource utilization, where one metric will show you normal or expected number and the other shows fact. You can compare such as percentige of or number of/to.

Present task lists, problematic project lists, upcoming deadlines or project milestones in a formatted list with required columns to display data for each.

Visualize trends and patterns in data, using bar charts.

Building Dashboard: Adding Widgets

Adding widgets to your Scoro dashboard is a breeze. Here’s how:

From Dashboard Library

Utilize pre-built widget collection templates readily available in the Scoro. These offer a quick and easy way to populate the base of your dashboard with communly used metrics.

Ready From Bookmarks

Any data selection bookmark, you have created earlier, can be used as data source for your widget. Just choose what to display, like a total number of, sum or anything else, that can be determined from your bookmarked data source.

Custom. Create New Widget

Build custom widgets from scratch, selecting the specific data points you want to display and tailoring their presentation and filters.

Dashboard Ownership and Sharing

Scoro dashboards can be designated as private (for Your own use Only) or shared. As you create a new dashboard, you can choose to share it to your team. You cannot select individual team members. This collaborative feature fosters transparency and ensures everyone has access to the most up-to-date information. Remember, based on team members access level, some information might not be available or visible partly. As an example of some of your team members do not have access to finance information or invoices, there is no point sharing dashboards that utilize finance data with team, that would not be able to access that information.

Things to Consider When Building Your Dashboard:

  • Target Audience: Tailor the dashboard content and layout to the specific needs of its viewers.
  • Data Refresh Rate: It is immediate, as Scoro dashboards show Live data once dasboard loads. Once you come back to Dashboard page again, it will feature fresh data.
  • Do not Overcomplicate: Remember, it is better to create a separate dashboard for each business domain, rather than trying to pack everything into one dashboard. It undermines visibility and puts stress on database server, as all data has to be selected from live data.
  • Visual Appeal: Maintain a clean and organized layout for optimal readability and user experience.
  • Maximum number of Widgets: There is a limit, as the system protects itself from too much data selection requests.

By harnessing the power of Scoro dashboards, you can transform your project management approach. Gain valuable insights, foster informed decision-making, and keep your team on the path to success.

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