GDPR for websites

Since May 25, 2018, The EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (or simply “GDPR”) regulates data protection and privacy for all EU individuals.

Companies must conform with EU regulation on how the customer data is gathered, stored, protected and used. This affects both EU companies and those who with to serve EU consumers.

GDPR Compliance for Websites

Itero makes your website GDPR Compliance Easier. We will have ready procedures and selection of implementation recommendations for your website.

Fact: Majority of web sites use:

– third party web site components, like fonts, maps and embeds, that use cookies and track your visitors on your site.
– your web site, online store and server components store cookies for consumer retention and business continuity.
– your web site uses statistics, visitor tracking and analytics components.
– your customer login information, session data, keep-alive “logged in” status Cookies.

GDPR Compliant Use of Cookies

Itero will evaluate the level of Cookie engagement, suggest possible options for harmonizing marketing/gdpr balance and required Consent Options (permisions and notifications) for your site visitors.

Customer data and T&C’s

Does your site store any Consumer data? Does your site gathers any? How is this data treated? Does your company has GDPR policy and procedures in place? Do you have Terms & Conditions for web site in writing and in place for Consent?

We will offer web site GDPR compilance implementation in 3 steps, making your website GDPR Compliant!

Web Site review
Web Site review
Scope and required consent procedures required
Privacy Policy for site
Privacy Policy for site
Appropriate adaptation or new document
Consent Permission
Consent Permission
Types or Consent on site, supportive T&C’s
Technical Consent programming and site implementation