Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) market is a market with great potential, which is sometimes difficult to enter and win if you are not familiar with the mentality and strategy of developing your client base in CEE countries.

Today, markets of Central and Eastern Europe are growing significantly faster compared to Western Europe. If you are a US or European brand who needs a partner in CEE for online services in local languages – then you are in the right place.

Localization – key to SEO Eastern Europe

One of the biggest challenges for businesses entering a new market is to quickly attract potential customers, so they would find your products and services through the use of SEO at an affordable price. Your website is not “working” if it does not appear on local search engine results, or if it is not presented to buyers in an attractive and locally consumable way.

Simply translating your website content to a foreign language will not be enough to achieve results and appear within search engine results. Eastern Europe has many languages, you may never have heard of, yet it is fast growing market.

What are the factors that determine high rankings in CEE search engines?

In CEE the main search platform is Google, where each country has its domain.
For example, if we are talking about Baltics – in Latvia that will be google.lv, in Lithuania google.lt, and in Estonia google.ee.
Furthermore, search results for each country will differ. As for Russian speakers, it may well be Yandex.

Below are just a few factors (there are many of them!) that affect search results:
Below are just a few factors (there are many of them!) that affect search results:
– Local domain names are ranked higher in Search engines;
– Local hosting has a faster response;
– SEO strategy with local domains or subdomains

Your global website may not serve well for local markets, thus our advice to you is to create a separate website for the CEE market. It is imperative, that you do not simply “clone” of your existing website, but adapt the layout and localize a website specifically to meet local mentality.

This way you will be able to generate sales quicker and seize a better position in search engines.

A sales pitch, appropriability of chosen images and texts are fundamental for proper communication with the client. Besides, freshness is huge for traffic. Speaking a foreign language does not mean knowing how to write and optimize texts for search engines. Simply translated content is not SEO edited by default. 

Itero will be the right partner for SEO Services in Eastern European markets as you decide to enter new markets and your website now needs to be localized in all European languages where you sell your products.

We can handle Central and Eastern European language versions, clones, and offer you SEO services, localization of sales pitch phrases, etc.

We use professional copywriters who write and optimize texts for Central and Eastern European search engines (SEO). A non-developing website without new content will eventually lose its position and visibility in a very short time. You must constantly update, optimize, and index your content.

Itero will be your trustful and professional business partner to support and develop your business in Central and Eastern Europe in a professional manner.

Please contact us! We will be glad to consult on how to achieve better results in CEE markets using online tools and strategies.

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