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SEO - Search Engine Optimization services

Itero provides your website SEO analysis, together with roadmap with actions required both on technical and content level. Our job is to improve your site position on Google search results. This is a long-term return on investment and will deliver customers years after we’re done.
We offer “on-site” SEO optimization services.

Google SEM - Search Engine marketing (paid keywords search results)

In order to attract visitors quickly, like for seasonal sale or conference attendance, Google AdWords or paid traffic is a simple and effective solution. Itero will create professional targeted campaigns with high score multiple ads and A/B banner testing in order to sharpen your campaign with time. We offer campaign setup, monitoring and improvements to make most of your investment.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves improvements to your web site code for proper content consumption by Google indexing robots. In addition we will test and upgrade server preferences, scripts and images to improve loading speed of your site.

Content Optimization

Your site has to have Relevant, Engaging and SEO optimized content. Readable and easily consumed by your site visitors and keyword-spiced for search engines. We will edit your titles and product descriptions, we will train you on how to write better for web!

Google AdWords Campaign

If you tried this yourself, you may find, that money on Google can be spent quickly and visitors are not qualified. We will make most of your budget and deliver targeted customers by building proper AdWords campaign with multiple high quality scored, A/B tested ads in rotation for optimum experience.

We monitor AdWords metrics Daily

In order to have your campaign sharp as a chefs knife, our customers can choose from daily or weekly monitoring and improvements. We substitute less performing ads, improve bidding policies and fine-tune keywords. This service makes sure, you get absolutely most from your budget!

Order your site SEO optimized

A nobrainer long-term return on investment – more visitors. Ask us a quote – leave us a contact information and your site www addresss at contact form. We’ll take it from there!


SEO – Where yo start? Step 1: SEO review.

First step is to understand exactly where you stand with your website and what exactly needs to be done and updated to make a solid foundation in further improvement of your site Position on Google search. Fill out the form and make sure you mention your site url.

Order Adwords Campaign

We will deliver results – more customers for your business. Your duty is to convert leads, ours – to get you more site visitors. We offer our know-how on Google AdWords Campaigns!

SEM – Where to start? Goals (metrics) and Budget

What are your target Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)? Here’s an example – you currently get 200 visitors per day and let’s say you have a 3% conversion rate – 6 orders per day. If you set up a goal to have 10 orders per day, we know, we need to increase visitors by at least 150 – 350 in total per day. We will make a Campaign to meet this number.
What is your budget allowance? If those 6 orders get you, like 50 or 100 Euro profit, how much can you afford to invest to get 4 more and still make money.
It’s always a math – investment and return calculations. We will help you with this related to paid online marketing activities.

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