Ecommerce Website Design and Development

Ecommerce Solution for Your Business

Build yourself a new sales channel – internet store!

We will create you a long-term Online Business – sell your products online, while we provide you with visitor attraction solutions and improve your shop’s conversion rates.

Manage your Products

We deliver fully featured store product management backend and pleasant easy-to-use user interface design for your internet store. You are in coltrol – manage store categories, products, promotions – with a relevant information for your customers, like color, weight, price, size etc. Use discount and promotion management for Sale campaigns.

WooCommerce or Magento?

For feature-rich fully-customizable stores for demanding clients we provide two industry-leading solutions – WooCommerce and Magento. We will carefully analyze your business requirements and suggest you the most appropriate platform. Either way, you will have full control of your Online Business!

Want to get it quick?

If you are eager to start “tomorrow”, we have a ready solution for this – Shopify! This ready-to-use platform is what you need to start quick and with low cost. We will customize it for you, while you can start entering your products right away! Itero has 3 years “liquid markup” competence, which is at the base of Shopify templates.

Tailor-made Ecommerce Online store for your exact requirements!

We understand, that each business is different. You may have products to sell by piece or in tons, kilograms or downloads..
We make sure, your store has your industry specific features and sales process online matches your current Salesflow. There’s more, we make sure it does have features for your plans tomorrow – a solid software platform for further updates.

Ready-to-go Ecommerce platform or custom solution?

It does depend on your business requirements! We will consult you on the most appropriate solution for your exact needs!

Nevertheless, there are tens of turn-key solutions available as a ready-to-use ecommerce platforms. We can help you with design customization, translations etc. Advantages are low costs and quick go-to-market. As for disadvantages, the customization features are limited.

Our proposal – tailor-made solution for your Business

If you are looking for long-term return on investment and have industry specific requirements, there’s only one proper way – custom built internet store as a solid foundation for future expansion.

What you will get is a solution that is build completely according your requirements. In addition, you will have us as a stable, business-wise partner for quality support and further development.

Easy product management

Full control on availability of your products, delivery cost calculation, minimum order, packaged deals, related items and so much more!

Your product can be clothing or downloadables, there’s lot to consider for worry-less self-service shopping experience. We’ll take care of user friendly shopping interface, handy product search with suggestions, price or size filtering and dozens of other features to make shopping easy and create more business.

Sale and Promotions

Get full management of featured products, discounts, sale, free delivery on target order or minimum order size.

Payment methods of your choice

How do you want to charge customers? Credit Card or Cash on Delivery? Prepayment invoice? Monthly fee?
You choose! We will integrate required payment methods. You are in charge of preferred delivery methods, conditions and delivery cost calculation. Have a delivery partner? We can integrate that as well!

You will receive notifications for each order and your customers will receive great looking order confirmation by email. Analyze sales funnel and track exactly where you loose deals.

User friendly store design

Save shoppers time and increase your store conversions, by making business with you Easy! We take pride in user-centric design. All features handy, habits taken into account, suggested products right at hand, simplified and clear checkout experience – we make sure your store design earns user loyalty.

Order Management

Each time, your store gets new order, you’ll get notified by email with order details and a link to authorize quickly on Order Management Backend. There you manage orders – confirm them, change status, mark as processed and organize deliveries.

Among Backend modules, there’s ones available to visualize the order dynamics and analyze typical orders in order to fine-tune your sales funnel and target carts of your customers, by special deals, packages etc.


Your New Online Store is yours in 4 simple steps!

Business Requirements

We want your store to be successful! Your Growing Business is the core of our long-term relationships. In order to make it a working success, it is important to lay a solid foundation – by understanding your business, logistics and product sales funnel prior to any design or programming work. We will ask many questions and make useful suggestions.

User centric design

It is design and ease-of-use, that will make your store one to remember and increase loyalty, delivering returning customers. We will adapt a ready store design theme or create a custom design for your Ecommerce solution. Design should not be just nice, but deliver great structure and work!


No matter how feature rich, any Backend – WooCommerce, Magento or OpenCart should be fine-tuned and adapted to suite your exact sales and logistics process. Both in terms of programm code and settings for product types, shopping methods, checkout folow etc. We will adapt the system according to your Business Requirements.

Traffic Attraction

When your store is built, tested and launched, it’s now time to let the world know your products and services. We are experts in traffic delivery solution and will help you with Social Network, SEO Google search results positiuon and paid traffic attraction using Google AdWords keyword based ads. Additionaly, there’s Google Remarkeing for kind reminders in order to close a deal. We can help you buiod loyalto programme and work with your customer base for returning purchases.

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